Kefka's Ghost

Kefka's Ghost

Kefka's Ghost is a minor villain in the videogame Evoland. He is the guardian of the Crystal in the Crystal Cave, as well as the first boss in the game.


As Clink and Kaeris made their way through the Crystal Cave, they managed to find the Crystal. However, Kefka's Ghost appeared and attacked the duo. With their combined effort, Clink and Kaeris managed to defeat the dark entity, and acquire the Crystal.

Powers and Abilities

Kefka's Ghost is a powerful dark creature. A standard attack can deal 12-25 hit damage. He also has another ability, in which Kefka's Ghost turns blue. When the ghost is blue all damage done to it is redirected to the attacker and dealt with double the original damage.


  • It is likely that Kefka's Ghost is based on Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy VI.