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The Eagle Head is a minor antagonist in the episode Squidward in Clarinetland.


The Eagle Head appears to ask Squidward why he is tresspassing. Squidward, terrified, said he came to get his clarinet. The eagle laughs in a dry tone and tells Squidward no clarinets are owned in "Clarinetland." Squidward gets mad, and in response the Eagle grabs him with its tongue and tells him he needs to learn some respect. When Squidward states he's learned, the Eagle doesn't believe him and proceeds to eat him.


  • It is not known how this eagle has a stomach, since it is simply a head. It is possible that the rest of the eagle is underground.
  • The Eagle Head's voice was given by James Earl Jones.
  • Another more common name is Keeper of the Forest.

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