Chairman Keel Lorenz is the main antagonist of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series and Shinji Ikari's arch-nemesis.

He is voiced by Mugihito in Japanesse and Rick Peeples in English version.


He is the enigmatic leader of the mysterious SEELE organization and the head of the Human Instrumentality Committee.

Little is known about Keel, but it is shown that he is the chairman of the five-man subgroup of SEELE which directly oversees NERV's Evangelion project (as well as their secret Human Instrumentality Project), and functions by working through the UN, secretly pulling the strings of world governments.

Keel was active within SEELE's machinations before Second Impact, and was involved along with Gendo in the United Nations' cover-up of the true nature of the disaster involving Adam and the Katsuragi Expedition. Through SEELE, Keel secretly backed Gehirn and later its successor organization, NERV in their creation of the Evangelion project.

At some point between Second Impact and 2015, most of Keel's body, below the neck, was replaced with cybernetic implants. Although he uses a visor to see, Keel still possesses eyes (as indicated by production drawings). When the organic components of his body became LCL, the remaining mechanical components were left behind, and appear to include most of his spinal column.