Kazuo Akuji is a character in the Saints Row series. He was the founder and true leader behind The Ronin, and served as the main antagonist of the Ronin arc. He was the father of Shogo Akuji, and controlled all of the gang's operations worldwide.

Akuji never liked his son Shogo, whom he saw as a liability, and constantly referred to as an idiot. Shogo in contrast, was always trying to win his father's approval, but never succeeded due to his constant failures. To make up for having to put up with Shogo, Akuji often put his trust, respect, and favoritism in his favorite lieutenant Jyunichi.  

Akuji was apparently world renowned for his skills as not only a successful businessman, but also as a ruthless and effective leader. He was also an old enemy of Wong Sheng Tai, and the two of them considered each other mortal foes. Akuji was a merciless man, whose fiery temper was only dwarfed by his expertise as a master swordsman. However, Akuji was simply an older version of Shogo as both of them were arrogant, easily angered, and made the mistake of underestimating the Protagonist. 

After Shogo's death, Akuji tried to attack the Saints' hideout, only to have his forces decimated and end up fleeing.  He and the remaining Ronin then went after Mr. Wong at the Chinese Heritage Festival of Stilwater, only for the Protagonist and the Saints to come after them instead. Akuji then defeats the Saints boss in a katana battle on a burning boat, only to be shot in the chest and pinned to the floor with his own sword. The Protagonist then gives Wong the pleasure of hearing his enemy's screams of agony before leaving Akuji to burn to death.


  • Kazuo Akuji exists in the Saints Row IV game files.


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