The Kazon are a brutish humanoid race of aliens from Star Trek that made their first appearance in the Voyager series, they were crude and violent with the dubious honor of being the only known species the Borg refuse to assimilate because they view them as unworthy.

Kazon are not very intelligence nor particularly dangerous but they have a pack mentality not unlike gangs or primitive tribal societies, as such they can be threatening and are known to attack other species as raiders and opportunists.

A male-dominated society Kazon are very much the stereotypical barbarian race and male Kazon do not take kindly to females giving them orders : they have no objection to mistreating and even torturing prisoners (as they did to a young Kes).

Kazon are comparable to species such as the Klingon or the Orion and were inspired by actual street gangs, hence their aggressive and primitive society.