Stop your pathetic screaming! It shows weakness.
~ Kazarina.
Kazarina is a supporting antagonist in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. She was responsible for brainwashing many Brawlers, Gundalians and an member of the Castle Knights into building an army of Gundalian Soldiers for evil purposes. She is Gundalia's chief scientist and third-in-command of the Twelve Orders serving under Barodius.

She was voiced by Linda Ballantyne.


Kazarina is an Gundalian who brainwashes human brawlers, Gundalians, an member of the Castle Knights into building into an army of Gundalian Soldiers. She helped Dharak evolve by using Drago's DNA to become the perfect weapon of destroying Neathia. Jake manages to break free from her hypnotism along with Coredem to save Dan and Drago.
Death of Kazarina

Kazarina dies

Kazarina was confronted by Gill who assassinates her that cause the Gundalians and the human Brawlers as well their Bakugans to be free from their hypnotism, Lumagrowl takes Kazarina's corpse to an unknown destination and she was never seen again.


  • Jin ( Former Neathian soldier captain, Fabia's Fiance ) : Killed during the war
  • Several brawler child ( Taylor, Casey, Sein Pam , Lewin Pam, Robin,Shuuji, Koji Bettle and the others ) : Being Hypnotized, but later free from her after defeat by Battle Brawler
  • Jake Vallory and Coredem ( New subterra Battle Brawler ) : Being Kidnapped, tortured, and later hypnotized by her to using him for defeat battle brawler , but freed by himself after remember his memory with Dan Kuso.
  • Dan Kuso and Drago ( The leader of Battle Brawler ) : Being kidnapped and almost killed by her, and freed by Fabia and Jake
  • Lena Isis, Zenet Surrow and Jesse Gleen : Being kidnapped and Hypnotized by her for using them as Gundalian Soldier, but later free from her Hypnotized after Kazarina death