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Kaz is an all-black German Shepard mutt with a golden tear drop above her eyes and has the same color of ginger red on her chest. She has some Rottweiler mixed in. She is the Queen of the Wild Dogs. She is the Secondary Villain in the book series Dogs of the Drowned City.


Kaz is a cold and cruel leader who shows no percy. She leads her pack with an iron paw and will not hesitate to kill another dog. Kaz enjoys a good fight and will look for any apponent to face who she presumes worthy.


The Storm

She first appears in the dog park alone and encounters Shep. She attacks him, but he is able to fend her off but she ends up gives him two claw marks on his nose as a scar. She says to him that he has not seen the last of her and leaves the park when she notices that their fight is drawing too much attention. Later on, she and her pack of wild dogs track down and return to the Pet store where Shep and the other rescued dogs are hiding. In order to defend his friends, Shep challenges Kaz to a figh to the death for ownership of the store. After a long and brutal battle, Shep ends up beating Kaz and saving his friends. Kaz later dies due to her injuries.