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Kayoko Kasuga
Kayoko Kasuga is the main villain of the first Mofuku Tsuma episode, Manabu's guardian and Satoshi's sister. She hates Honami and blames her for the death of her brother.


Kayoko Kasuga first shows up at Satoshi's funeral then she sees Honami after the funeral and accused Honami for the death of her brother and tries to attack Honami only to be stopped by Manabu later on she tells Manabu to rape Honami and plans for Honami to leave however Honami dose not leave the house and Honami invited Kayoko and Manabu Honami explains on why she dose not get mad or report Kayoko and Manabu to the police and that Honami wants to fulfill the promise Satoshi made of making a happy family and Honami says that Kayoko and Manabu can rape her if they want then Honami has sex with Manabu then gets raped by Kayoko and Manabu helps Kayoko later on they visit Satoshi's with Honami wearing a see-through morning dress then Kayoko used the vibrator on Honami and Honami takes the blame on Satoshi's death infont of his grave then Honami dose sex with Kayoko then Manabu almost raped Kayoko only for her to call him out on it then Manabu raped Honami and Kayoko smiled later on Manabu stops raping Honami and declares his love to Kayoko then Honami and Manabu raped her.