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007 Katya Nadanova
I'm disappointed. I thought we were going for dinner in London!
~ Katya betrays 007

Dr Katya Nadanova is the 007 antagonist in the 007 game Everything or Nothing. She is voiced by Heidi Klum. Bond encounters her being "kidnapped" by a general and goes after her, encountering Jaws, getting out and flying a chopper with her. He kills the general and saves her. But at the end she meets her boyfriend Nikolei Diavolo who announces his plan to rule Russia after Bond destroys the nanobots save for one which she calls her "gift to [him]". Katya later encounters Bond at Diavolo's headquarters where she and Diavolo torture Bond in a laser. Then they fly to Russia to unleash their nanobots on the world which can bite metal. Diavolo corners Bond in an elevator and battles him with Katya firing. But Bond shoots them down. Because the chopper has nanobots in the payload, the platform disintegrates and Katya falls to her death.

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