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Katsumi Daido2

Full Name
Katsumi Daido
Kamen Rider Eternal
Powers / Skills
Knife Wielder
Conquer Futo City with the rest of NEVER
Type of Villain

Now, enjoy Hell!
~ Katsumi Daido

Katsumi Daido is the leader of the terrorist group NEVER, a group of undead super soldiers created by Foundation X based on the data from Ryubee Sonozaki's Raito resurrection. He is the villain of the Kamen Rider Double movie.


Kamen Rider Eternal
Kamen Rider Eternal
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As a young boy, Daido suffered a congenital heart defect prior to a fatal car accident that forced his mother, Miki Daido to use her Necro-Over research to save her son while giving him bio-stimulants to age properly. But despite Daido's skill, the Necro-Over project was rejected in favor of Ryubee's Gaia Memories. Accompanied by his mother, now going by the name Maria S. Cranberry, Daido recruiting four people who recently died by converting them into less advanced Necro-Overs for the newly created mercenary group called NEVER. However, while send to take out a terrorist sect in South Asia, Daido and his group were ambushed by another of Foundation X's projects: psychic super soldiers called Quarks. While held captive, Daido developed feelings for a female Quark named Mina before he stole the Lost Driver experimental Eternal Memory to become Kamen Rider Eternal to save her and the others. However, Daido is forced to watch the Quark researcher Doctor Prospect seemingly kill Mina along with the Quarks. This act drove Daido insane as he merciless killed Prospect with the aid of his NEVER comrades at the cost of the Eternal Memory.

Deciding to prove the Necro-Overs' superiority to Foundation X, Daido decides to wipe out Ryubee and his Museum organization. Arriving as Foundation X was transferring the T2 Gaia Memories out of the city via helicopter, Daido intercepted and managed to obtain the T2 Eternal Memory while the Foundation's carrier Tabata destroys the helicopter scattering the other T2 Gaia Memories over Futo as NEVER's members gather them while Maria goes after Philip, the name Raito is now known as. Using his Gaia Memory's power to cancel normal Gaia Memories for Futo's Kamen Riders do not meddle, Daido captures Philip and reveals his scheme to use the T2 Gaia Memories to power the X-Bicker that will convert Futo's residents to Necro-Overs. However, killing Maria after she turned against him at the last second, Daido's scheme is foiled when Philip reactivates the regular Gaia Memories so they fight him as Kamen Rider Double. Taking their fight to the top of Futo Tower, Eternal uses the T2 Gaia Memories to assume his Strengthening Armament mode to overpower Double's CycloneJoker Xtreme form and knock him off the tower. However, Double assumes his CycloneJoker Gold Xtreme and destroys Eternal.

Video Game Appearances

Kamen Rider Battride War II

Katsumi Daido has been confirmed to appear in Kamen Rider Battride War II as Kamen Rider Eternal, with Mitsuru Matsuoka reprising his role. While Eternal appeared in the first Battride War game, this version was confirmed to be an entirely new, unidentified character using the Eternal Memory.

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