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~ Katsuhiko Jinnai

Katsuhiko Jinnai is the chief antagonist of El Hazard and archenemy of the protagonist Matoko Mizuhara.


Jinnai embodies many characteristics of a villain. Selfish, egotistical and power-hungry Jinnai has seemingly turned most characters against him. For many years he has been fighting a one-sided war against Makoto Mizuhara who surpasses him in many if not all ways. This obsession has lead Jinnai to even attempt to kill Makoto but always fails. He has proven to be a skilled strategist as he managed to conquer many El Hazardian tribes. He also shows that he is a skilled orator by constantly making rallying speeches to the Bugrom and Diva. Jinnai constantly lies and manipulates other characters in order to fulfill his aspirations which has led to his reputation on Earth.

El Hazard

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