Katie Kaboom

Katie about to lose her temper.

♪ She's Katie Ka-boom, Katie Ka-boom. She lives in a house with a garden in bloom. Her family knows that at anytime soon their little lady Katie goes...Ka-boom! ♪
~ Katie Ka-Boom theme song

Katie Ka-Boom is a character on Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs and the main antagonist of one of the show's side segments titled Katie Ka-Boom. Though she's not evil by design she is callus and self-absorbed enough to be a serious threat to those around her.

Role Edit

Katie appears to be a pretty young lady dealing with the life of an average suburban teenager and like most teenagers is prone to over-dramatics, angst, random mood-swings and egomania. Unfortunately for her family Katie is capable of shape-shifting and generating natural disasters when she gets angry.

While having a daughter/sister that stresses over things like driving tests and dates is normal Katie's family know to go into full lock-down when such incidents occur. Katie's tantrums transform her into various monstrous forms and herald explosions, tremors and energy blasts. The cause of Katie's supernatural powers is never touched upon and really just creative-license given for how teenagers get.

Her parents and brother appear to be normal humans although her mother describes Katie's out-bursts as a phase, meaning she will grow out of it. This could mean one or both of her parents had similar transformations in their teenage years too but that would also mean Katie's brother may go through the same phase when he becomes a teenager. Regardless of cause Katie is a menace to her entire neighborhood, often with her parents and brother at ground zero of Katie's acts of destruction.


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