Kathryn Kidman

Kathryn in her human form

Kathryn Kidman is a female alpha werewolf and the main villainess of the horror movie, The Howling: Reborn also know as Howling VIII.

She was played by Ivana Milicevic. 


Kathryn is first seen attacked and "killed" by a unknown werewolf. Years later, her son Will is making a amateur horror film along with his best friend, Sachin. He has a big crush on another student named Eliana Wynters, but her bully boyfriend always scares him away. Will is invited to a party by Eliana herself but the party is soon attacked by a werewolf and Will escapes. He cuts himself and the wound heals instantaneously, meaning that he is also a werewolf. Kathryn appears to be alive as a powerful werewolf and kills her husband, he later appears in the school trying to meet Will and explain him that he needs to join her evil cult and spread the werewolf disease across the country and later the world. Will saves Eliana from Kathryn and her pack and the school enters in a lockdown mode, cutting off the school from the outside world. Will and Eliana equip themselves with homemade flamethrowers and find Sachin been killed by one of the werewolves. They soon discover that Kathryn is raising an army of undead werewolves to kill and infect everybody outside, Eliana tries to convince Will into transforming her in a werewolf but he refuses. Kathryn captures Eliana to force Will to become a werewolf. Will fights Kathryn with silver bullets but she manages to defeat him, another werewolf appears and rips her heart out, killing her. This werewolf is revealed to be Eliana, who was previously wounded by Kathryn. They later burn down the school to stop the undead werewolves from escaping. Will makes a video in which he transforms on camera and warns humanity about other evil werewolves like Kathryn.


Kathryn in her werewolf form

Kathryn in her werewolf form