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Evil Janeway - Living Witness

This version of Kathryn Janeway was a holographic recreation of the actual Kathryn Janeway, albeit a perverted recreation. She appeared in Star Trek: Voyager.


By the 31st century a alien culture in the Delta Quadrant known as the Kyrian, recreated Kathryn Janeway, Voyager, and their crew, but they were twisted evil versions of them.

This Janeway goal was much like the real Janeway, she wanted to return her crew back to the Alpha Quadrant, the home of the Federation, only this Janeway would do it by any means necessary. Some of those means would include mass murder, piracy, and other criminal acts.

This Janeway and the crew of the Warship Voyager met with a race known as the Vaskan. They wanted Janeway's protection in exchange for a wormhole vortex that's nearby and give her the means to stablize it. She would succeed in helping them by committing mass murder and even a still-borg Seven of Nine and her Borg task force to assimilate them and to make them apart of Seven's task force. She executed the leader of the leader of the Kyrian.

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