Kathryn Hawkes

Kathryn Hawkes is a one-shot villainess from The Mentalist, appearing in Season One's "Paint It Red."

She was played by Elizabeth Dennehy.

Kathryn Hawkes worked for art collector A.P. Caid, but feeling that she wasn't getting paid enough, she decided to steal one of Caid's paintings, a valuable one known as The Moro. Kathryn approached Harry Lashley, who wanted her advice about the painting, and had him make a copy of The Moro that she could sell to the Russian Mafia--while feeling that she was deserving of the real painting.

While attempting to take the real painting late at night, Kathryn was encountered by Harry, who attempted to prevent her plans. The two engaged in a struggle over the painting, which ended with Kathryn killing Harry, doing so with a blow to the head with a bust. After the murder, the evil Kathryn took the painting and placed it somewhere in her apartment. Due to the immense value of the painting, Kathyrn's motive may have been monetary, but according to Jane's summation, she felt that Caid didn't appreciate the beauty of the paintings he collected. Kathryn was later arrested in Harry Lashley's murder, while claiming to Caid and his daughter, Stevie (Harry's wife), that she didn't mean to kill Harry.