Kathleen was a fallen angel who appeared in the TV series "Touched By An Angel" and acted as the antagonist of the episode "Sympathy For The Devil" - prior to her fall she was a friend of Monica, who acts as one of the main angelic protagonists of the series.

Appearance In The Series

Matt Duncan books a rodeo into an arena he manages not realizing that his estranged father is one of the feature attractions. Ty Duncan is a grizzled veteran of the rodeo circuit and wants to reconcile with his son before he dies. Monica, who's acting as Matt's bookkeeper, is horrified to learn that the midway's fortune teller is Kathleen—a former friend and fallen angel—who is determined to keep father and son apart. She decides to focus on little Daniel Duncan, who had previously been told his grandfather was dead. Kathleen makes sure that Ty meets Danny, which infuriates Matt who is led to believe Monica is at fault. The "dark angel" also makes a pass at him, since his wife is out of town. After the youngster slips into the corral of a dangerous bull, Monica rescues him and then intercedes in the resulting fight between Matt and Ty. She reveals she was sent to end the cycle of hatred between father and son and to uncover Kathleen as a force of evil. Ty makes a memorable final bull ride, which his son and grandson watch, and then dies. She also appears in episode 18 season 2 "lost and found." tormenting a man named Frank by his girlfriend, In season 3 she wanted to make Monica fail her evaluation, but redeemed herself after not being able to outsmart her.