Katherine Heel Turn

Katherine was a villainess from the 2007 film, Skinwalkers.

She was played by Sarah Carter.

Katherine was the daughter of Jonas Talbot, and the niece of Rachel Talbot. She was originally part of a group of "good" werewolves who wanted the curse to end, and she and the rest of the pack restrain themselves during the full moon to avoid giving in to their bestial nature. Later in the film, Katherine was kidnapped by Caleb, the leader of a group of evil werewolves fighing to prolong the curse, but she was rescued by her boyfriend Adam.

Katherine revealed that during her capture, she was forced to feed on humans, but she expressed pleasure in doing so. After the revelation, Katherine turned heel and killed Adam with his own shotgun, all the while slowly embracing her evil and bloodthirsty nature. After killing Adam, the evil Katherine attempted to attack and kill her young cousin, Timothy, but she was shot and killed by Jonas.