Katerina Bartokovsky is one of the main antagonists (along with The Creator) from Red Dwarf mini series Back to Earth, appearing as the main antagonist from the episodes Back to Earth (Part 1) and Back to Earth (Part 2). She is actually a product of the Boys' hallucinations in which she is an arrogant and strict Hologram who tries to get rid of Arnold Rimmer.

She is portrayed by Sophie Winkleman.


When the Boys from the Dwarf have hallucinations caused by the Despair Squid, they suddenly encounter Katerina Bartokovsky, a hard-light Hologram, who appears on their ship from nowhere. She claims to be a science officer on Red Dwarf before the accident. From beginning, Katerina doesn't try to hide her hatred and contempt towards Rimmer. Using her superior rank, she threatens to deactivate Rimmer and to destroy his holo-bee, much to Rimmer's anger and horror. She also insults Rimmer and blames him for not caring of Lister all the time. Revengeful Rimmer asks Kryten to dig up dirt on her, only to discover she is "absolutely flawless".

Meanwhile, Katerina builds a device from a mining laser and the DNA of a dimension hopping squid. She wants to use it to bring Lister back to Earth, but it doesn't work correctly and eventually sends all Boys there, leaving Katerina on Red Dwarf.

Later, Katerina uses another portal to teleport herself to Earth where she encounters the Boys again. She continues threatening Rimmmer he would be deleted. Rimmer attempts to protest, but Katerina believes it is no crime to do it, as Holograms are just simulated dead people, so it can't by considered a murder. Following this theory, Rimmer pushes her into traffic, whisking her away. Katerina is never seen again, probably because her holo-bee was destroyed.


  • She is a Russian heritage and speaks with a strong accent.
  • It is unknown if her holo-bee was really destroyed, as she is a hard-light Hologram which is described by Legion as "practically indestructible".