Kyle and Ken Katayanagi (aka The Katayanagi Twins) are major antagonists in the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim, and it's movie adaptation/game Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The Japanese duo Kyle (the white-haired one) and Ken (the black-haired one) are, in order, Ramona Flowers' fifth and sixth ex-boyfriends, who are also part of the League of Evil Exes. They were played by Shota Saito and Keita Saito in the movie adaptation.


Comics and movie

The twins' past isn't revealed too much, but it is stated that they were the ones to dump Ramona due to her cheating on them with each other. They share an almost symbiotic relation, constantly completing each other's phrases. They begin sending robot after robot to chase and destroy the titular character Scott Pilgrim, but they are all defeated, Scott complaining about the lack of reward with their defeats. He also learns that they are dating his friend Julie Powers while defeating their third robot. He finally engages the twins face-to-face while his ex-girlfriend and Sex Bob-omb drummer Kim Pines is held hostage in a cage. He tries hard to defeat them, but their powerful tag-team moves are too much. Kim decides to lie to Scott by telling him that Ramona is waiting for him, giving him the courage to fight them and defeat the twins, which earns him an achievement.

Katayanagi Twins

Shota and Keita Sato as the Twins in the movie adaptation.

In the movie, the twins' role is slightly reduced. After Ramona storms out of the night club where Roxanne Richter was defeated and leaves behind a list of her exes, Scott learns that the twins are the next opponents of the Sex Bob-omb, but learns only ten minutes before the show that it is an amp battle, and is shocked to see a whole wall of amplifiers in their front. They attempt to defeat the twins in a music battle, but are literally thrown against a wall when the twins use their music to summon two giant snow dragons. Scott then sights Ramona amongst the crowd with G-Man Graves, revealed to be her final ex Gideon Gordon Graves, who is leading the twins against the Sex Bob-omb. The band rises up and fights back by summoning a giant Yeti to fight the dragons, and end up victorious when the dragons fall over the twins, crushing them and earning Scott 5000 to 6000 points and an extra life.

In all adaptions, after being defeated, the twins respawn back at their home, having learned their lesson. 

Video game

Katayanagi Twins (video game)

The Twins in the video game.

In the game, Ken (called "Kevin" in this appearance) and Kyle (now brown-haired) are dual bosses from World 5. They are fought twice in the game. The first time is at the top of a building, where the twins use a colossal robot to fight Scott. In the second time, the twins fight Scott themselves, where they use some standard melee attacks combined with deadly co-op attacks (the most dangerous being their trademark Double Hurricane Kick). The battle can be hard, as the player must knock both out to win. But once again, their attacks are useless, and Scott ends up victorius as they dissolve into small dragons that fly away, "Kevin" leaving $17.95 and Kyle leaving $14.95 in coins, plus a small $2.00 bonus.

Personality and powers

In the books and in the game, the twins are tactical and almost symbiotic, often finishing each other's sentences and walking together. But in the movie, the twins are quiet and cunning, focused on fighting through music and gaining the battle of the bands, also seeking to destroy Scott by Gideon's orders, which does not give them enough time to speak (also, their actors do not speak English and their dialogue had to be cut to spare time). Their powers are not too vast in the books and in the game, as they only rely in robotic skills to fight. But in the movie, the twins can use their music to summon giant dragons to fight for them, as well as to create massive shockwaves to send their opponents flying.

References to popular culture

  • The twins and most of their attacks are a reference to Billy and Jimmy from the "Double Dragon" series.
  • Defeating the twins in the book earns Scott an achievement, just like in a Xbox 360 game.
    • Defeating them in the movie earns Scott and extra life (1-up), which is a common mechanic in many games.
  • The twins' "versus" symbol ("VS"), much like Roxanne Richter, has a different color pattern than the others (the "V" is white while the "S" remains blue).



  • There are K's in both the twin's names. K is the 11th letter in the alphabet (5 + 6 = 11).
  • There are five syllables in Katayanagi, (Ka-ta-ya-na-gi).
  • Dragon is the symbol for the 5th zodiac sign.
  • When Scott defeats the Twins, he gets $79.95 from Ken, and $74.95 from Kyle. there is a difference of 5 dollars between their prize money.
  • By the time the issue takes place, Scott and Knives' breakup was 6 months ago.


  • The Twins maximize their volume to the highest, which is 11 (5 + 6 = 11).
  • The Katayanagi twins' dragons logo is in the form of both 5 and 6.
  • The Twins have the numbers 5 & 6 on their cuffs, one is the character for the number, the other is represented with dots.
  • Scott earns 5000 to 6000 points after defeating the Katayanagi twins.
  • One the poster proclaiming the Band Battle between the Twins and Sex Bob-omb, the first line has 5 exclamation marks, and the second and third lines have 11. (5+6=11)
  • During the start of the Katayanagi's song, Ken presses the Sixth white key from the bottom up on his keyboard, whilst Kyle presses the fifth black key from the bottom up on his keyboard.


  • Kyle and Ken have six sunbeams on their shirts.

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