Katarou is a villain from the Teen Titans show. He is an Asian villain and an enemy of Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans.

Katarou first fought Robin when he was raiding a store in Jump City. He defeats Robin and tells him that if he wanted to be a better fighter, he should train with the True Master. When Robin goes to Asia to train under the True Master, Katarou follows him so that he would be apprenticed instead. Robin managed to defeat him using his newfound experiences he learned from his journey, and the True Master, who was watching Robin's progress denounced Katarou a thief and a cheater and had him thrown off the mountain and saying that he would never train under her.

At some time, Katarou was recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil. Under the Brotherhood's orders, he successively captured Bushido. However, when the Titans fought the villains in the Brotherhood's base, Bushido paid back Katarou by stomping on his face, which knocked him out. Katarou is then flash-frozen with the rest of the villains.

Katarou is a master martial artist both in armed and unarmed combat.