The younger sister of the Vampire Lord Count Reiner Heydrich, Katarina Heydrich is a major antagonist in Vault of the Vampire and serves as an enemy in Revenge of the Vampire; the two Fighting Fantasy gamebooks featuring her brother as the main villain. Katarina is a very powerful witch, somehow based on the infamous child-murderer Countess Ersébeth Bathory, as she uses the blood of teenagers to remain young and beautiful.


Katarina is the third born, and the only daughter, of the ruler of the county of Mortvania; located in the country of Mauristasia, in the far north of the continent of the Old World. Katarina soon became an accomplished witch and a skilled fighter, though whether she was self-taught or apprenticed is not known. As such, she had little to fear from her brother, even after Reiner became a vampire.

At some point, her elder brother Siegfried Heydrich became count, until he got murdered by Reiner, the second son, who claimed the title. Katarina, who gets along quite well with Reiner could enjoy a luxurious life in the castle, while the entire population of Mortvania, including their last-born brother Gunthar Heydrich, suffered his awful tyranny.

While Reiner swarmed the castle with monsters and abducted young people on a regular basis to drink their blood, Katarina lived in her own lavish quarters, sacrificing the young captives that Reiner gave her and using their blood for Dark Magic rituals, to retain her youth and her astonishing beauty. Because of this, at 76 years old, she still looks like a beautiful woman in her early 30s.

Knowing full well that she cannot do anything against her vampire brother, who is too powerful even for her, she contented herself with her life, keeping good relations with her brother while (not so) secretly waiting for someone who could slay him, so that she could claim the title of countess.

About Katarina HeydrichEdit

Katarina is a Mistress Witch of considerable skill, mighty enough not to be harmed by any conventional weapon, who can sense magic and spells being cast, curse anyone by merely speaking to them, appear and disappear out of nowhere and animate objects, among many other things.

Her most prominent power is her hypnotic gaze, which she often uses to compel people (or to make them her slaves). She uses a dagger in battle, with enough proficiency to be a match for the most trained warriors.

Katarina is as malevolent, power-hungry, tyrannical and dangerous as Reiner. She is very collected, refined and courteous, with aristocratic support, perfect manners and good taste; but she is also very haughty, vain, selfish, conceited, scornful and demanding. She enjoys challenges, yet she can hardly stand opposition and reacts violently when things escape her control.

Moreover, she is highly intelligent, deceptive and manipulative. She offers to help those who can serve her interests, while making no mysteries of her real intentions, and knows how to push their buttons. She acts seductive and always tries to trick people into carrying her dirty work, or at least to take control of them; involving herself only when she has no other choice.

In Vault of the VampireEdit

Katarina plays a major villainous role in Vault of the Vampire. The gamebook sets the relation between the two equally evil siblings, with courtesy and siblings' friendship on one hand, ambition, treason and defiance on the other hand.

You play as an adventurer who sneaks into the castle to kill Heydrich and save Nastassia: a recently abducted townsgirl whom he intends to offer to Katarina. During your quest, you can meet Katarina's alchemist, the one in charge of her "youth treatment", and hear about her if you ask the sage of the castle about the Count's family; learning from their words that she is a force to be reckoned with.

All ambiguity is dropped when both Gunthar Heydrich and Lothar the Castellan, two friendly characters who prove very helpful, warn you to avoid contact with Katarina at all cost. Gunthar even reveals that he never dares to use his powerful healing magic out of fear of his sister, as Katarina would immediately sense it and would very likely curse him (or worse) in retaliation. Lothar and Gunthar tell you that your (already highly dangerous) mission would become a nightmare if you had to deal with both the vampire and the witch. They tell you that should you manage to destroy Reiner, they would deal with Katarina on their own.

You can either avoid entering Katarina’s quarters, or meet the witch. She greets you amiably and offers to help you to kill Reiner, but you must remain wary. If you reveal your mission to save Nastassia, she flies into a rage and attacks you.

  • If you battle Katarina you need a magic sword, otherwise you cannot harm her and she bewitches a rug to capture you before killing you. Katarina is a powerful enemy with 10 in skill (level of power), who teleports away after being struck four times, but if you win this battle you will gain a life-potion.

If you own the Book of Swords, in which Reiner magically sealed Nightstar, Siegfried's magic sword, she offers to unseal it in exchange of killing Lothar the Castellan for her. If the Book of Swords is not in your possession, she will tell you to get the holy stake that Lothar owns, lying about the fact that Lothar would never give it willingly and must be killed.

If you refuse to kill Lothar, Katarina will try to hypnotize you, and attacks you if you resist her mesmerizing gaze. If you lose a test of faith, you have no other choice than to go and kill Lothar. If you only feign to accept, Katarina’s magic makes you lose 4 stamina points (life-points) upon speaking to Lothar (and likely worse, if Lothar had not given you a potion to dispel the curse in time), as no-one betrays the witch without paying the heavy price.

It must be noted that you gain nothing in accepting Katarina's bargain. Reiner's counterspell proves too much even for Katarina's vast knowledge of Dark Magic and the Book of Swords will vanish, destroying any hope for you to ever gain Nightstar. Worse, Katarina will be furious against her brother for foiling her, forcing you to flee to avoid getting cursed.

The Final BattleEdit

Katarina is only fought in the best ending, in which you successfully track down and destroy the fearsome Count Reiner Heydrich. Right after the vampire is dealt with, Katarina appears before you, her last obstacle for the control of Mortvania. She hypnotizes you to make you her slave and win without fight, and once again only a successful test of Faith can protect you.

At this point of the game, you should have enough Faith points not to be bothered, but if Katarina has previously succeeded in compelling you, she will be advantaged. On the other hand, if you managed to resist once, resisting again proves easier.

Katarina's true face

Katarina's artificial youth fades away with her life

Katarina is nowhere as dangerous as her vampire brother (who had 13 in skill, one point over the maximum) but she is still a powerful enemy with 10 in skill and 10 in stamina. Moreover, she takes advantage of your weakened state after the tremendous battle against Reiner. As a living being, Katarina fears neither holy water nor the powerful Jandor’s Bolt spell, and the power-up provided by the sword Nightstar is lower against her.

If you have gained Siegfried’s magic sword and chainmail, Katarina will pose little to no threat. Should Katarina drive you into a corner, Nastassia will grab a magic dagger and fight alongside you. However, she has only 6 in skill, not enough to be of much help.

Upon dying, Katarina reverts to her real aspect of an ugly old hag, deprived of her artificial youth. After destroying the Heydrich siblings, you return Nastassia to her village, where the overjoyed villagers will celebrate the hero who freed them all as it should.

In Revenge of the VampireEdit

Katarina plays a minor villainous role in the second gamebook. She is mentioned several times in the story, and you can learn that Reiner Heydrich's personal scientist is tasked to resurrect her as a vampire, so that she would serve as Reiner’s right-hand-woman and help the Vampire Lord in his schemes to take over the Old World.

When sneaking into Mortus Mansion, Reiner’s hideout, you can find a vault in the likeness of a beautiful woman, likely belonging to Katarina. A possible hint that she has been or will soon be brought back.

The Final BattleEdit

Katarina appears in person during the final showdown, taking place in Heydrich’s final hideout; the Ghoulcrypts, where he plans to absorb the energy of the late Great Vampires Elders, in order to become invincible. If you manage to defeat the Vampire Lord at full might and kill him, Katarina Heydrich, now a vampire, will attack you with 9 in skill and 9 in stamina. If you let Reiner Heydrich escape and follow him, you will encounter Katarina Heydrich under a human shape, while Reiner is resting.

Katarina pretends to be an enslaved young girl, to catch you off-guard. If you attack her immediately, she will have 9 in skill and 9 in stamina. If you listen to her, she strikes you and costs 2 stamina points. She then has 10 in skill and 11 in stamina. When Katarina is slain, Reiner rises again and engages the very last battle of the gamebook.

Once again Katarina (and even Reiner if he is fought again, though he remains much more dangerous than his sister) is far less of a threat than a full-powered Reiner, but she gains advantage from your weakened state.

After you destroy the vampire siblings, you set them on fire to get rid of them once and for all, along with the Great Vampire Elders whose power Heydrich planned to absorb, marking you as a hero of legend.