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Katahdin is the main antagonist in the 1979 horror film, Prophecy.

She is voiced by Frank Welker.


Katahdin is a horrifically mutated grizzly bear who has grown to abnormal size. She is believed that its parents consumed fish contaminated with Inorganic Methylmercury, which caused the mutation of this monster when she was still in the womb (which in turn happens to Katahdin's own offspring). She was named by the local American Indian tribes, and mistaken for an ancient spirit angered by the logging activity on the mountain.

The beast is unusually large for a grizzly bear, and her face and body are hideously deformed. Katahdin is also mentally deranged and extremely hostile, impulsively mauling anyone and anything it comes across. She is drawn to the cries (and possibly the smell) of her cubs, which is what causes her to pursue the protagonists throughout the film. After killing the bulk of the main cast, it is finally stabbed to death with an American Indian arrow; however, another Katahdin appears just before the end credits, suggesting an unknown number of Katahdins are still roaming the woods.



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