Look at this universe - damaged, broken, disorderly. It needs someone to take care of it... to take care of everything and everyone, from now until forever.
~ Karzahni,
There is a war to be fought in this place, and a universe to win. But first... i need to sharpen my claws in combat. When i am done with the two of you, i will be ready at last... ready to conquer!
~ Karzahni to Lesovikk and Sarda.

Karzahni is one of the villains in the BIONICLE series. He was the insane brother of Artakha and the ruler of the hellish land that shared it's lord's name. He also serves as the true, main antagonist in the 2007 storyline and later the main antagonist in the direct-to-video movie, The Powers That Be

He was voiced by Sean Schemmel who also voiced as Makuta Teridax in BIONICLE: The Game and Icarax in both the animated series and movie.


Early life

Around 100,000 years ago, Karzahni was created alongside his brother, Artakha by the Great Beings. Soon after their creation, the two beings fought for the Mask of Creation. Karzahni was lost when he was defeated by his brother who claimed the Mask of Creation and he was banished into the island, which he created and named it after his name.

While Artakha chose to make a heavenly island for good Matoran workers, Karzahni chose to take in the bad ones, intending to repair their faults and return them to their homelands. However, his ability to fix the Matoran was not up to par, and he completely rebuilt the Matoran, but into weaker and hideous forms. To compensate for his inability to properly repair the Matoran, he gave each of them weapons. He then sent them to the Southern Continent to make sure his failures would not be discovered.

The Turaga eventually noticed that Matoran sent to Karzahni never returned from their exile, and stopped sending their poor workers. Angered by the lack of Matoran coming to him, Karzahni went into denial, blaming the Matoran for his failures. He refused to send any more Matoran away and trapped them within his realm, replacing their masks with his own twisted designs, stripping them of their identities.


Powerful, almost regal and quite insane - all three terms can be used to describe Karzahni. He has ruled the realm named after him for more than 100, 000 years, and time has not made him any kinder or more merciful.
~ Helryx describes about Karazhni.

Karzahni was a completely insane, sociopathic and unpredictable ruler. At first, he could be friendly and kind at one moment but later revealed his malicious nature as he went in a muderous rage the next. He also ruled his place through fear and psychological abuse, such as replacing the masks of his Matoran subjects to rob them of their identities. 


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