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The sorrows of life, to not be able to live like yourself. The joys of life, to be able to die like yourself. Do I deserve to be happy...
~ Karren von Rosewald.

Kanae von Rosewald (in Japanese: カナエ フォン ロゼヴァルト, Kanae fon Rozevaruto, sometimes also 叶, Kanae) also known by the alias of Rose (ロゼ), is a major antagonist of the supernatural dark fantasy manga series Tokyo Ghoul:re. He's a member of the Tsukiyama Family after he was taken in following his escape from Germany and is the servant and protector of Shuu Tsukiyama.

Later, it was revealed that Kanae was in fact a female dressed as male, born as Karren von Rosewald (カレン=フォン・ロゼヴァルト, Karen fon Rozevaruto), being the youngest child and sole daughter of the head of the Rosewald family.

Kanae is voiced by Yū Kobayashi in the Japanese version and by Jeannie Tirado in the English version of the anime series.


Kanae is a handsome young man with an appearance similiar to that of his cousin Shuu. He has violet hair and a similar haircut to that of his cousin as well. He wears a standard suit of that of a servant of the Tsukiyama Family. When he's out hunting, he wears a large black trench coat with a black veiled hat to cover his face from the CCG and other human witnesses. When he's out with Tsukiyama, he often wears a pair of sunglasses and has a small white harlequin mask during the Auction with markings on the left eye side. After being abducted and tortured by Eto, Kanae is seen wearing a large red robe with a mask similiar to Noro's with a stitched toothy mouth decal and multiple eyes on it.


Kanae is an unstable individual in general. He is always in a state of distress similar to that of Naki and is seen crying over the catatonic state that Shuu is currently in at the start of the series. He appears to be gripping a rose as memory from when he was first taken in by the family. He has a habit of using foreign words in his sentences, especially in German. Kanae also has traits of jealousy as he had sold off Tooru Mutsuki to the other guests at the Auction to make Shuu happy.

When he was found by Eto, he was both psychologically and physicall tortured. However, afterwards, his personality had a dramatic change as he now shows signs of mental stability and is more sane. Currently, he still is protective of Shuu but appears to serve Eto and her wishes.


Early life

Kanae was born in Germany into the Rosewald Family as the only daughter, a family of rich and powerful ghouls based in Germany and were the German Branch of the Tsukiyama Family. She is very close to her brothers Nathanael and Arunolt , and lived a peaceful life until one day, Investigator Matsuri Washuu had found out that the Rosewalds were ghouls, and the German Authorities were sent in to exterminate them. Kanae survived, but she was the only survivor and was forced to flee Germany. She then proceeded to escape to Japan where he was taken in by the Tsukiyama Family. Shuu showed Kanae around during this time and made him feel at home which in return, made Kanae devout and loyal towards Shuu.

Torso Investigation

Kanae is first seen where he is crying over Shuu's depressed state. He is seen being unstable and is talking to a rose, and Chie mocks him for doing so. He then leaves with a large man-sized suitcase and is standing outside the door.

Nutcracker Investigation

In an effort to please his master Shuu, Kanae hands Tsukiyama a pair of Sasaki's shorts that Chie had managed to acquire. He gave it to his master but Tsukiyama could only smell faint sadness as his sense of smell had began to decline along with the rest of his overall condition and powers. Kanae then tells Chie that Tsukiyama didn't feel anything at all which was a lie that she could see through and he threatens to kill her. Kanae appears later on in a parking garage where he is searching for humans with a rare blood type so he can offer them to his master Shuu for his pleasure. He ends up rejecting it however, broods over his master's current condition, and then decides to attend the upcoming Auction.