So you think you can fight? Well let me tell you something... The champions are back in town, and they plan to teach you a lesson. You learned pretty fast last year, but things have changed. Your opponents heave remembered every punch you gave them, and this time they demand a rematch. This year their hunger for revenge will not go unsatisfied. And one more thing, there are a few new fighters in the group this time around. You might want to be careful of them, they can get pretty ugly when they are angry...
~ Karnov

Jinborov Karnovski, better known simply as Karnov, was the mascot of Data East. Despite having a heroic role on his titular game, Karnov has since appeared as a enemy character on various Data East games. Karnov is shown as a bald strongman of Central Asian descendance (either Mongolian or Russian) with a strong pride and desire to prove himself, capable of breathing fire which he uses as a means of offense.


Garyo Retsuden

Karnov's first appearance as an enemy, he will appear as a regular enemy throughout the game.

Bad Dudes Vs. Dragonninja

Karnov appears as the very first boss in the game, with a exclusive theme which features notes from his theme in Karnov. Later in the game, a palette-swap of him with green skin appears as a regular enemy, named in the credits as Kusamoci Karnov.

Trio the Punch: Never Forget Me...

Karnov appears as a regular enemy in the earlier stages, with many variations such as a gray palette-swap which poisons the player, a winged Karnov which spits fireballs from above and a Karnov with scuba gear. The first boss in the game is a giant bronze statue of Karnov which is carried by various tiny Karnovs and attack by shooting fireballs from it's toes.

Tumble Pop

Karnov appears as a regular enemy, appearing in the Russia, Egypt and Brazil stages.

Joe & Mac Returns

Karnov appears an a enemy in a special stage, along with Makoto Mizoguchi from the Fighter's History series.

Fighter's History series


Karnov, as he appears in Fighter's History Dynamite.

Karnov acts as the final boss in the two main games on the series, Fighter's History and Fighter's History Dynamite.

In this series, Karnov appears as an undefeated champion who defeated many strong fighters, and which got him into a lot of misunderstandings with the other characters. Prior to the events of the first game, Karnov was defeated by a mysterious fighter, so he retired for training. He later returns, hosting the Great Grapple tournament and offering his treasure to the winner, seeking to prove himself once again.

In the Super Famicom spin-off exclusive Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!, it is revealed the mysterious fighter who defeated Karnov is none other than Chelnov, the titular hero from Atomic Runner Chelnov. Karnov appears as a regular character, playable in all modes other than the story mode, in which he is fought in the second fight.