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Sslide down to me, froggy ssuckerss, where I'll feasst on your worthlesss corpssess!
~ Karnath

Karnath is a villain from the Battletoads series, appearing in the first game and the Arcade game. One of the top enforcers of the Dark Queen, Karnath is a huge snake who wants to eat the Battletoads (since snakes are natural predators to frogs and toads).

It first appeared in the original game as a background character on stage 6, Karnath's Lair, where the player must climb over Karnath's body in order to reach various exits. It returned as the second boss in the Arcade game, where he attacks by biting the toads, attempting to chomp them. When defeated, he is violently beheaded as a large amount of blood gushes out of his body.

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