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No one kills him but me
~ Karl about John McClane

Karl Vreski is the secondary antagonist in Die Hard.

He was a brutal German terrorist turned thief and the second-in-command of Hans Gruber.

He was played by the late Alexandr Gudunov.

Karl was Hans Gruber's lead henchman during the operation at Nakatomi Plaza; when entering in the building, he killed the receptionist and the rest of the security with assistance from fellow terrorist Theo. After John McClane killed his brother Tony, he started a manhunt throughout the building to capture him. After a brutal fight with John McClane in the floor leading to the roof, Karl was left hanging by a chain as the roof exploded and everybody fled.

After Hans was killed and the authorities started evacuating everyone, Karl managed to break free from the chain and went down to the first floor. As people were walking out of the building, he drew a Steyr AUG Assault Rifle to try to kill John and Holly. However, he was killed by Sgt. Al Powell, who quickly drew out his revolver and shot him five times. 


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