Karl Herman was a member of the Beali Paoli, a group of Wesen extremist, dedicated to preserving Wesen history and culture. He was also an Anubis, a race that inspired the belief in the egyptian god.


Following a mumified Anubis, mummified while transformed being discovered and taken to Portland University, Karl was furious deeming this sacridge. He and his partner broke into the museum, to steal the mummy. But stopped while they left a warning on the wall in Hirogliphyics. However a guard heard them and entered. Karl incapacitated him but he already shot his partner. Grabbing the gun Karl shot the other guard before being forced to run.

Later he contacted the Wesen Council for assistance. They refused to help, while not disagreeing with the Beali Paoli's intentions, disliking there methods. They also informed Nick Burkhardt of his plans, hoping the two would provide a distraction for there own intentions. Later Karl broke into the professor leading the investigations home and holding her at knife point forced her to lay off all the extra security she had hired. Before forcing her back to the museum so he could steal and destroy he Mummy.

Arriving she begged him not to, declaring it was a great scientifical discovery, enraged Karl told her it wasn't science it, was sacridge and then showed her his true form, scaring her. Nick and Hank arrived, Karl threw the woman at them, and attcked Nick. However he we was quickly overpowered by the Grimm and arrested for his crimes.

The mummy was stolen by the Wesen council, who agreed its presentation was sacridge, and had it destroyed. Nick agreed to let them do this.