Ocean Hunter Karkinos

Karkinos (Macrocheira kaempferi) is a notorious, gigantic Japanese spider crab that is very notorious across the oceans. Karkinos is known for killing almost all the whales in the oceans and is a very notorious sea monster. Karkinos is actually a very despicable carnivore that almost caused an extinction of the whales.

He is the fifth boss in The Ocean Hunter and is one of the creations of Rahab.


Karkinos Poster

According to the "Wanted" poster, this sea monster is the true culprit for causing the deaths of many whales across the Arctic Ocean. Karkinos was very notorious for killing almost all the whales and some human divers. If one was able to capture this monster, the hunter would be awarded 15,000 G.


This giant crab is encountered after defeating Medusa and her army of jellyfish. After killing Medusa, the dialogue will say that this place is where the dead whales are mostly found. Karkinos will pop up and do an ambush to attack the divers.

When the battle starts, Karkinos will crush the player with two of his claws. You must shoot the claws to cancel this attack. Karkinos will also move after the player has damaged his claws. This is not easy, as the battle gets harder for damaging the claws. After damaging the claws multiple times, the battle is split into the second part.

Karkinos will try to attack the player with three of the legs. The legs must be shot to prevent damage. After dealing damage to three of the legs, Karkinos will get very angry. You must shoot two of the eyes to deal damage. This is not easy, as you are forced to shoot the two eyes in order to defeat him. Failure to do so could result in the crab biting the player, thus resulting damage. This must be done at least three times.


  • Karkinos is based on a Japanese spider crab. Despite living in the Arctic Ocean, this species is not encountered. However, he resembles a red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus).
  • Karkinos is named after the crab which was summoned by Hera in order to kill Hercules.

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