Karim (in black clothes) giving his brother some criminal money

Karim is the antagonist in the TV  serial Les Cafe des Reves he is an Arab man who came to France to pay off some debt and is heavily involved in gambling. Serge's grandmother does not trust him because he is an Arab and thinks he is a thief. He became friends with Serge and his group, and helped make the cafe. But he attacked Serge's grandmotherone night when he needed her money, beating her and knocking her down, and stealing her wallet and bag. He then used her money to pay off two criminals, Gerard and Bertrand, who he owed money to. Serge sold Karim to the criminals after Karim confessed it was his fault his grandmother was in a coma.  

Gerard and Betrand attacked Karim, cornering him on a rooftop, demanding the money and said it was too late for him. But Serge realized his betrayal, and got his friends together, rallying them against the crooks. Gerard and Bertrand fled when they saw they were outnumbered, and Serge rescued Karim and they recupriated. Despite attacking his grandmother, Serge let Karim back into his group.