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Queen Kari, (portrayed by Martine Beswick)  is the evil queen of brown haired amazons in the 1967 British movie Prehistoric Women. Her tribe has enslaved the blonde amazons, and maintains the men working in her mines. She only obeys the white rhino god she worships.

When the adventurer David Merchant is accidentally trown into her world, Kari captures him. She intends to make him her consort, but he falls in love with one of the blond amazons instead. When he refuses her proposal, she throwns him in jail. The blonde slave makes up a plan where he would finally accept Kari's proposal, and then kidnap her, to free the slaves, but, alas the plan fails.

But soon, the slaves revolt and start to kill their opressors. Kari summons the white rhino god, but she gets impaled on his horn. The blonde amazons are free from her reign of terror, and David Merchant gets back to his world.

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