Karen Walker

Karen Walker is a villainess in the 2015 action-comedy, Spy.

Karen was portrayed by Morena Baccarin. Morena is perhaps best known for playing Anna, the leader of the evil Visitors, on ABC's remake of V.


She was a hotshot CIA agent even better than Bradley Fine, as Susan mentions she had more successful missions, who rubbed in her success to Susan and Nancy when she ran into them at a bar.

Karen is later revealed to be a double agent for the notorious Rayna Boyanov, as she sold Rayna a list of names of her co-workers in the CIA. She was revealed to be in the running car that fired shots at Susan and Nancy in Budapest.

After the revelation, Karen comments on Susan's new look, but snidely insists that her new hairstyle is the result of extensions. At that moment, the evil Karen attempts to kill Susan, only to be shot and killed by a mysterious shooter; later revealed to be Bradley Fine.