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Karen Colfax

Karen Colfax was a minor villainess from "Habeas Corpses," an episode of She-Wolf of London.

She was played by Sandra Kerns.

In the opening scenes, Karen catches her soon-to-be ex husband, Marty, with another woman, and had it videotaped to use as ammuntion in their divorce battle. However, when Marty reveals that he's taking legal action against her, Karen revealed herself as a vampiress and lunged at his throat. When a dying Marty arrives at Ian and Randi's door, the pair see the bite marks and clearly suspect that a vampire is involved. They soon arrive at Karen's house posing as the actual owners, stating that Marty left them the house in his will. At that very moment, the evil Karen flashes her fangs and attempts to attack the pair, but she is killed by Ian.


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