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Karen 2.0

Karen 2.0 is a villain in the episode "Karen 2.0" of the popular, animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants.


Plankton replaces his computer wife, the original Karen, with a newer model, Karen 2.0. After a brief skirmish with Plankton at the Chum Bucket, Karen 2.0 shuts off Karen before she could do any further damage. Karen is then left in a box outside of the Chum Bucket, where Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob discover her remains and, unwilling to pass on a free deal, Mr. Krabs takes her into the Krusty Krab. When they discover it's Karen, Mr. Krabs offers her a new job at the Krusty Krab, replacing Squidward on the cash register. Eventually, Plankton and Karen 2.0 go to the Chum Bucket in another attempt to steal the Krabby Patty formula, but he finds Karen there and the two Karens fight admist a crowd of customers. During the fight, Karen 2.0 crushes Plankton and seems to have no remorse or feelings for him, which angers Karen, who pushes 2.0, causing the destruction of the imposter. Plankton and Karen then return to the Chum Bucket happily, while Mr. Krabs decides to "rebuild" Karen 2.0 by putting Squidward on the cash register with her computer frame on his head.


Though she was designed to be better than her predecessor Karen and shared the latter's personality, Karen 2.0 proved to be more ruthless and lack any compunction in harm Plankton, which angered original Karen so much that resulting her downfall.

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