Karehan Fullbody

Karehan is the first enemy from Dark Fall to appear. His element is trees, and he guards the Fountain of Wood.


He has long yellow-white hair that sticks straight up, and wears a leaf mask. He also has yellow eyes.


An impatient person, Karehan often gets angry or yells at others. Even when he is not enraged. His tolerance for mocking is also low, but due to this Goyan likes to taunt him for this very reason. He does not like knowing he's probably the weakest member in the group and when he fails, he often hides by himself to think things through before doing anything else.


Karehan first appears to capture Flappy and Choppy to find out where the Fountain of the Sun is. He appears shortly after Saki and Mai first meet the mascots and nearly captures them but is then defeated when Saki and Mai become Pretty Cure.


  • Karehan is the first villain to have the Element of Trees.
  • In DX 2, Arachnea mistakes his name for "kare pan", lit. meaning curry bread.
  • In DX 2, he, together with Moerumba, Ms. Shitataare and Kintoleski, represents the villains from Splash Star.