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Kardal is the main antagonist of Barbie : Magic Genie Adventure, a 2000 game for the Game Boy Color.

Kardal is an evil sultan that possesses numerous mystic powers of his own but is afflicted with the common villain trait of never truly being satisfied : thus he steals the four magic lamps of Barbie's genie friends : effectively gaining all their powers as his own.

This prompts Barbie on a fantasy adventure across five kingdoms in which she gathers magic powers and allies of her own in order to reclaim what Kardal stole and in the end Barbie engages in the classical "good versus evil" climax battle against Kardal himself within the halls of his palace.


  • Despite this game gaining favorable reviews it is perhaps most well-known across the world due to its inclusion in the famous youtube celebrity JonTron's Barbie Games review, in which he jokingly refered to Kardal as an evil Ken.

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