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Karatenmon was one of the minor villains in Digimon Frontier, that was inside Sakkakumon. He is based on the Karasu Tengu, a crow-like tengu.


Karatenmon is an Ultimate Level Digimon that has a crow's head, wings and feet. He wears purple armor that covers his chest, and part of his head. He also carries 2 swords.

Digimon Frontier

While the DigiDestined were inside Sakkakumon, a Karatenmon attack Koji. When Koji Digivolved into Lobomon He had some problems fighting Karatenmon. Apparently Karatenmon knew everything about Koji and used it against him. It seemed that Koji was going to lose until he became KendoGarurumon. KendoGarurumon was proven to be much stronger and much faster than Karatenmon. He manage to defeat Karatenmon and purify his data.


  • Harmony Swords
  • Feather Flare


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