Karas is the villainous assistant of the evil Dr. Gori in the television series, Spectreman.

Karas is a giant gorilla Epsilon planet, where he was general . True to Doctor Gori, freed from his prison and along with his master fled Epsilon on a ship. And due to a storm electromagnetic, the pair arrived on planet Earth. Seeing that humans are destroying their own planet with pollution, Gori gets angry and starts to create monsters from own pollution and thereby conquer Earth.

Karas is owner of tremendous physical strength, but at the same time, contrasting with the prodigious intelligence of his master, has an extremely slow and limited thinking, bordering on mental retardation, which ends up hurting him in his fights against Spectreman , which is smart and cunning in battle. Often, the very Gori Doctor loses patience with the "blunders" of his subordinate.

On Earth, Karas is responsible for Gori to investigate on the planet. Every now and then catches a fight with Spectreman. In episode 4, he appears in a Mexican poncho dress at a psychedelic ballad.