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Kara Furious 7

Kara with her two female bodyguards of the prince

You ain't that charming, b****!
~ Kara to Letty
Kara is a minor antagonist in the 2015 global action blockbuster hit Furious 7, the seventh installment of the Fast and the Furious movie franchise.

She was played by Ronda Rousey.

Furious 7

Kara is the lead bodyguard for a billionaire prince of Abu Dhabi. She stares at Letty Ortiz, when she sees her talking in her earpiece. Later, Letty knocks out a male guard and drags the body inside the room. After hacking the security system for Tej Parker, Letty prepares to leave the room.

When she opens the door, Kara and three other guards are standing outside. Letty makes an attempt at humor, suggesting her charm rendered the security guard unconscious. Kara, however, remarks that she's "not that charming".

Letty attempts to shut the doors but the other guards kick them open and begin to fight her, while Kara alerts the other staff of the intrusion and tells them to lock the building down. She follows the guards inside to where they are fighting Letty.

After Letty defeated the three guards Kara confronts her. The two of them engage in a fierce fight in which Kara uses her martial arts skills but is unable to overpower Letty, until it eventually leads outside of the room and close to the party, where they end up falling over the railing and onto the DJ stage. Letty gets up, but Kara remains unconscious. Her status remains unknown.


  • She could somewhat be considered an anti-villain, as, despite her harsh methods, she technically is just doing her job.

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