A-TTEN-TION! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I am Kaptain KRAY-ZEEE.
~ Kaptain Krazee
Let's get craaazyyy.
~ Kaptain Krazee

Kaptain Krazee is a creepy evil clown, and the main antagonist  of "Afraid of Clowns" of The Haunting Hour series.

He was portrayed by Mike Kovac.


Kaptain Krazee was an evil clown who wanted to turn Chris, a young boy who turned thirteen, into a clown in a big jack in the box at Kaptain Krazee' s Clown Show. It's not an ordinary box, since it has magical properties that transforms Chris into a clown, which is what he fears. Krazee and the other clowns have been stalking Chris ever since he was a little kid. No one knows how clowns really are in town. And Chris wondered why they always stalked him and how they know him. He's terrified of clowns, and in the end, he became one before he found out that his parents were clowns the entire time.

Nobody knows what happened to Chris, Krazee, the parents, and the other clowns, except that they're all still alive. Kaptain Krazee first appears on a newspaper and makes his appearance in the flesh as a ringmaster at his show. 




  • His unibrow resembles that of Cheeto from Clownhouse.