Kaolla Su
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is a main character in the manga/anime Love Hina she is a foreign princess living in Japan, who likes to test her inventions on people, calling it 'play time' without regard for the hurt and trouble she causes.


Kaolla Su is a princess of the ficitonal island Kingdom of Molmol, while not as much is said of it it is shown to have some advanced technology but nothing more on it. Also Kaolla has an older sister Amalla and she was adopted by Lamba Lu's father who succeeded her father as King of Molmol.

Kaolla cared very little for the responsibilities of being a Princess and spent more time 'playing' (which often involved robots, explosive inventions and various other things), much to the exasperation of her family who wanted her to mature also Kaolla didn't want to marry her adoptive older brother Lamba who was Crown Prince of Molmol.

Kaolla came to live in Japan at the Hinata Girls Dormitory where she was allowed to do whatever she wanted with no control from Hina or anyone.


While Kaolla's demeanour is cheerful and upbeat, however it hides someone who has no regard for other people no regard for the property she damages or destroys, or people's privacy and is not above coercion to get her way. Such as when she kidnaps Keitaro and all the girls to Molmol trying to force a harem situation, but also allowed her goons to shoot down Seta's plane with almost everyone inside.

Kaolla has no real regard for people's feelings, needs or wants often trying to have hers supercede them and never listens to anyone protesting when she wants to 'play'.


  1. Kidnapping Keitaro and the girls and almost getting them killed but how this did not cause a diplomatic incident, how Kaolla was let back in the country or even how the others could forgive are regarded as plot holes by some.
  2. It is important to note that Kaolla never uses her explosive or more dangerous outside Hinata Inn grounds the only inventions she uses were mecha tamas (seemingly unarmed) or tracking devices. The kind that are not immediately traceable to her.