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Kanrethad Ebonlocke

Kanrethad Ebonlocke is a powerful human warlock, affiliated with the Council of the Black Harvest. He was present when Illidan was killed during the siege of the Black Temple and shared the secrets of Illidan's transformation with the Council. After Deathwing's defeat, he called the council together to gather the powers of Ragnaros and Cho'gall. He partnered himself with Jubeka Shadowbreaker to return to Outland. They both infiltrated the Black Temple and tried to create a powerful arcane crystals from a source of energy below the Shrine of Lost Souls.


Travelling through Outland, they inspected the Netherstorm to study the power of Illidan over the demons of Outland. In Blade's Edge Mountains, they tried to question a doomgaurd about the secret of sacrifice magic. In Shadowmoon Valley, at the altar of damnation, Kanrethad made Jubeka do a promise.

... If I failed. I need you to bannish me forever.

They both infiltrated the Black Temple, where they found the source of Illidan's power over the demons in the Shrine of Lost Souls. They tried to create a powerful arcane crystal from a source of energy below the Shrine. After some time, he finished to become a powerful warlock in demon form manipulating the fel energy and invoking a pitlord, a doomlord, a lot of imps and some felhounds. However, the power had a price, his sanity. He was vanquished by a warlock and banished by his former partner. Today, he can be seen at Hand of Gul'dan.

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