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Kanna Bismarch (カンナ・ビスマルク, Kanna Bisumaruku) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King is one of Hao's followers. She is the leader of the one of Asakura Hao's Team "Hana-Gumi".


Kanna has long blue hair with three hair clips in it two crossed over at the top of the hair and another below them. She wears a black top and short jeans with gloves and boots that both says "Hao" on them. She almost always has a cigarette in her mouth and has a package attached to her belt. Kanna was seen wearing a different outfit while watching Team "The Ren"'s match against Team "Tsuchi-Gumi", resembling business attire consisting of a black blouse and black skirt, with black heels.


Kanna is very serious person and is easily angered. She admits that she hates kids and, like many of Hao's followers, she detests humanity and is deeply loyal to Asakura Hao.



She was born into a distinguished German family, the Bismarch main branch. She used to vomit ectoplasm since she was a baby, because she unconsciously used her body to canalize spirits. Due to this, she spent her whole childhood inside her castle. Her parents were very worried for her, so they started calling exorcists, clerics and priests from all over Europe. None of them was able to find a cure for Kanna, but she was happy just by being loved by her parents. However, she lost them due to a mysterious accident one day. Soon enough, the castle became full of lawyers and relatives. They took all of Kanna's money and inheritance, leaving her with nothing. That's when Asakura Hao appeared before her. He burned the lawyers and the whole castle to ashes, just as she wanted. Thanks to him, Kanna became a shaman and could finally see how the world outside the castle walls was like.

Shaman Fight First Round

Kanna Bismarch has made several appearances without even saying anything. Her first one is the title page of reincarnation 1 with Marion Phauna and Matilda Matisse and something that could be Ashcroft. Also in reincarnation 15 she is in the title page. Then in reincarnation 26, she is on her motorcycle with Ashcroft's armor strapped to it. Then she is arguing with Marion and Matilda aboutAsakura Yoh and Tao Ren when they are fighting. When Yoh, Ren, Umemiya Ryunosuke, and Horohoro are going to the plane she is in the background behind the Spirit of Fire with Matilda and Marion. She is also one of the shamans shown on the next two pages. And also one of the shamans shown when it is showing Hao's followers. She is also shown when Asakura Hao arrives in the Patch Village. She is shown in many title pages afterwards.

Shaman Fight Second Round

The Teams first fight is against Team "T-Production", but only the fight's end was shown while the actual fighting is not. In this fight Ashcroft was shown for the first time.

Kanna, Marion Phauna, and Matilda Matisse fight Tamao Tamamura and Tao Jun while trying to get Redseb and Seyram's souls. She is the first one to fight and she fights Jun and Lee Pyron. She shows her spirit ally Ashcroft which is in a suit of armor.

Pyron fights and easily breaks the armor. Then it showed that keeping the armor together is ectoplasm. Then Ashcroft makes a giant hole in Pailong while saving Ponchi and Conchi. When Pyron is about to destroy the armor Ashcroft cuts off his arm. Pyron tries to attack Ashcroft but goes through him. Then Ashcroft cuts off his leg. After that it shows that the true medium is Kanna's cigarette smoke. The Hana-Gumi soundly defeats Jun and Tamao and goes in for the kill.

Then Asakura Mikihisa shows up and gets rid of Ashcroft with only his furyoku. He proceeds to slap herself,Marion Phauna, and Matilda Matisse. After defeating Matilda and Marion with only words she yells at him. He grab the cigarette bud off the ground, puts it away and says "Smoking's not good for you especially if you ever want to have children." When they are about to attack Mikihisa, Magna reveals himself and tells them they are still useful, and that they should back out before being defeated.

Invading The Plants

She, Matilda Matisse, and Marion Phauna are killed by Peyote Diaz. She is brought back again by Lady Sati and switches sides to Yoh's. The Hana-Gumi help fight off the remainder of Asakura Hao's followers. She was last seen with her team thinking about what they did and they try to think over their life.

Funbari no Uta

In the seven years after the tournament, Kanna went to high school together with Marion and Matilda and six years later, she works together with her former teammates at the Funbari no Uta. Together they are known as the Hana-Gumi Waitresses and all three wear a yukata with a flowered pattern at the bottom.

The three of them are often scolded by the inn's Okami Tamamura Tamao, Kanna for smoking inside. According to Tamao they often skip work and she usually retorts to threatening them with the use of Dai Tengu.

Anime version

In the anime, she and the rest of Team "Hana-Gumi" are never killed, and remain on Hao's side throughout the whole series.

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