Kanibubbler is a crab Shocker Kaijin and antagonist in episodes 19 and 37 of Kamen Rider. His soldiers have machine guns that shoot similar projectiles. His personal emblem, is a crab and is worn on his soldiers' masks.


Kanibubbler carried out attacks all across Japan, prompting Kamen Rider #2 to track him to his underwater base and fight him. He attempted to destroy 2 with his bubble attack but failed. He was then destroyed by Kamen Rider #2's Rider Punch.

He was later resurrected in episode 37. He took part in an operation to kidnap children so Colonel Zol could test a poisonous gas on them. However, the kids were saved by Kazuya Taki, who turned the poisonous gas on Kanibubbler and his allies, destroying them.

Kanibubbler later made a brief return in the Kamen Rider vs. Shocker movie, but does not do anything of note.

Powers and Abilities

Kanibubbler can attack with a large claw on his left hand and release bubbles from his mouth that are capable of melting human beings upon contact.