Kangaroo Monsters

The Kangaroo Monster are a species of animals seen in the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "The Transplant".


The Kangaroo Monster is a very rare, very extinct, and a very huge mammal-like creature. A social outgoing creature that loved to crush anything that moves to a pulpy pancake.

But that was then, this is now. They're all extinct and their bones are very, very valuable. Courage finds a bone and he sees ditch diggers and a huge fossilized dinosaur-like kangaroo was shown very huge. Courage talked to The Computer that the bone Courage found came from a prehistoric monster that resmbles the kangaroo.

Eustace fell off the roof and one of his bone sides was damaged. He was revived with a kangaroo monster bone in him, but he turned into a real kangaroo monster and captures Muriel and goes on a rampage. Eustace destoys the Empire State in New York, destroys Pyramids in Egypt, and destroys the Great Wall Of China in China. Courage told the doctor that the kangaroo monster bone has turned Eustace into a giant kangaroo. Br. Vindaloo smashes the bone in Courage to turn him into a kangaroo monster. Courage also became a kangaroo monster when a kangaroo monster bone was inside him. He went to Paris to fight Eustace the Kangaroo Monster. The only way to defeat a kangaroo monster is another kangaroo monster.

Eustace throws a stone tunnel at Courage, but it hits Eustace. Courage throws a glassed pyramid-like design at Eustace, but Eustace destroys it. Eustace throws gargoyles at Courage. The two giant creatures both paint pictures to see who is the best. Eustace painted a stick person, but Courage painted Mona Lisa.

Eustace climbs on the Eiffel Tower and Courage climbs to stop Eustace, but a person with a francis accent told them that the landmark with Eiffel Tower allows only one kangaroo monster, but not two, so Courage gets off the tower and Eustace laughs at him.

At the other landmark, Courage gets a slingshot out of his pouch with a crestaun and shoots it at Eustace, but Eustace eats it. Courage shoots two more, but Eustace eats them. Courage shoots at least 100 crestauns at Eustace, but Eustace swallows them and becomes fat. Courage soots three more and Eustace was too fat that he falls into the water and Courage rescues Muriel.

Dr. Vindaloo took the kangaroo monster bone out of Courage and says that the kangaroo monster bone will have no side effects when taken out. Courage happily hops and Muriel walks.

Back at Paris in a building with a stadium, the French person puts a gold meddalion on Eustace the genius Kangaroo Monster and everyone cheers from him. Eustace wins 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cupcakes that is free food with other free food.

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