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The Kangaroo Brothers are a trio of kangaroos who are characters in the children's anime, Adventures of the Little Koala (also known as Koala Boy Kokki in the Japanese version). They consist of boomerang expert Walter, who is the ringleader, Horsey, and Colt.

Walter, Horsey, and Colt were voiced by A.J. Henderson, Dean Hagopian, and Rob Roy respectively in the English version.


The Kangaroo Brothers are generally bullies who can be mischievous and rude to others. They tease Pamie (in "Balloon Pamie" for her large stomach) and Mingle (in "Is Mingle a Nuisance?" by claiming that he is a nuisance) the most. They are even shown to be cheaters in "Lost in a Race", leading to their disqualification. Therefore, their misbehavior is a part of their villain roles in multiple episodes of the series.

In spite of their rudeness and being bullies, they are also shown to have neutral roles (such as in "Hangliding with Roobear") or even as protagonists by cooperating with Roobear and the others (I.E in "The Amazing Boomerang", they manage to save Mimi Rabbit from drowning and falling down a waterfall via Walter's boomerang).


They are sand-colored kangaroos with dark brown noses, pointy ears with cream insides and long, thick tails. They wear blue overalls with red buttons and a pocket at the middle along with white shoes. Walter is the fattest one of the trio who sports a yellow newsboy cap. Horsey is the tallest and thinnest and wears a tall blue hat with a darker blue stripe. Colt is the smallest and wears a red baseball cap.

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