Kaneshiro is the shipwright of the Arlong Pirates. While not explicitly named during the course of the story, Oda mentions his name and his occupation in the Blue Databook.


After Arlong's previous crew split up, Kaneshiro joined Arlong and several other Fishman on his quest to set up a Fishman Empire in East Blue. Taking over the various villages of Commi Island as a start, they built Arlong Park. After eight years of rule over the island, Kanshiro, while accompanying Arlong on one of his excursions, witnessed Usopp bluntly shoot at Arlong.

After this little incident, several events happened leading up to a battle within Arlong Park between the Arlong Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates. At the very start of this battle, Kaneshiro and a majority of his fellow crew mates were taken out by Luffy. Though Kaneshiro's captain and three other of his crew mates were able to avoid the attack, they were eventually defeated by the Straw Hats. With his fellow crew mates defeated, Kaneshiro and the rest of them were delivered to the Marines and sent to prison.