Kanemitsu is the owner of a namesake company known as Kanemitsu Corporation, a Japanese zaibatzu that produces everything from androids to children's toys and they too are the current owner of Omni Consumer Products. He is a minor character and anti-hero in the critically despised sequel RoboCop 3. He was portrayed by the late veteran actor Mako.

Delta City Initiative

The Delta City dream of the former CEO lived on, as Kanemitsu himself saw the potential in the citywide redevelopment, and moved forward with its own plans to remove the current citizens. The company develops and uses its own ninja androids called "Otomo," two of which were sent to assist the new OCP President to overcome the resistance of the anti-OCP militia forces.

After OCP's Urban Rehab forces along with its commander were defeated by the resistance, Kanemitsu himself turned up in Old Dertoit. After personally firing the CEO, he walked over toward RoboCop and bowed to him, giving him great respect.