Kane Spites was a major antagonist in Vandal Hearts, the son of Defense Minister Hel Spites, and leader of the Crimson Guard (Terrorist Faction Group).


Kane was always in competition with Ash, one of the leaders of the Security Defense Forces, and believed Ash had no right trying to repair the country of Istaria, for it was widely believed Ash's father was a traitor. For this reason, there was always a siliking of Ash for Kane.

When the first out-break in the new revolution occured, Ash took mercy on an aging Count Claymour, until Kane came, slayed all of Claymour's men and took him prison so that later, he and Hel could torture him.

Kane also apprehended Eleni, Huxley, and General Magnus after Ash and his team rescued Magnus on Gilbaris Island. He also watched as after Ash rescued them, Dolf Crowley sent Ash, Magnus, Sarah and Grog into a rip in the space-time fabric (the past).

Later, after Ash returned to the present with the help of the Great Mage Zohar, and rallied all his old allies, Kane surrounded the town they were in with the other three Crimson Leaders (Ash already killed Lando Hitman). Kane, Sabina Valkyrie, Dallas Greatarmor, and Kurtz War Master, all failed to stop Ash's team, and they escaped.

On their journey, Ash and his team would take down Dallas (on a train, recovering the stone Magnus took from Gilbaris), Sabina (after facing an assault by her and Kane), and Kurtz (on a mountain). During this, Dolf would also assassinate Kane's father, Hel.

Kane belamed Ash and his team for all the deaths (including Hel), and tried to stop them outside of Capital Shumeria (while the team was heading to stop Dolf). Ash's team began taking down all of Kane's Crimson Guards, and Kane was not sure he could win. However, Xeno, Dolf's right hand wizard, came and offered Kane the chance of ultimate power. Kane was desparate to kill Ash, so he agreed (at the price of his soul).

Kane became Kane, Dark Assassin, and possessed a wide array of Dark Magics. Despite all of Kane's power, Ash and his group managed to stop him, and kill him. Even in death, Kane vowed he would hate Ash forever.