Kane North

Kane North, also known as Kangaroo Kommando, is a villain from Ben 10 and Ben 10: Omniverse.


In the original series, Kane was a light skinned, slightly fat man with a black, flipped-up hairstyle and mustache. He was wearing the Kangaroo Kommando suit, which is a brown uniform with a yellow kangaroo silhouette. He had black briefs, a black belt with dark brown pockets, and yellow gloves. He also had a black cap with two holes for his eyes and a capital, yellow K. His belt clip formed a K in a frame, in reference to his name.

In Omniverse, Kane has brown hair with gray strips on the sides. He wears a brown jacket with a black turtleneck and dons a necklace with a gold kangaroo symbol. In the flashbacks, his pockets were yellow and he had a brown beard.


Ben 10

He stated that he created Kangaroo Kommando, Ben's favorite television show at the time, and that Super Alien Hero Buddies (a kids' show that Tim Dean tried to take credit for) was his idea. Among various other crimes meant to boost his popularity included sabotaging a rollercoaster at the new amusement park in the studio and trying to kill his brother and Tim Dean.

5 year prior to Ben 10: Omniverse

In The Vengers, he was first seen in a flashback, when he tried to explode a bomb on a building. As soon as Captain Nemesis appeared everyone started celebrating him even the 11 year old Ben Tennyson. While Nemesis was interviewed by Will Harangue, he became angry because nobody listened to him and exploded the bomb. The people however, were saved by XLR8. Seeing that XLR8 gets all the attention he started to get jealous. After that, he was taken to custody.

Ben 10: Omniverse

At the present, five years after the incident, Kane meets Carl at the jail, who presents a new entrepreneur: Billy Billions, who wants to form a group with them. With Billy's help they both got new and more powerful armors.

After the Vengers became more popular than Ben himself, he and Nesmith started to compete to see who is the more popular. It just got worse when they wanted to rename the group and the Nemesis Tower and the Billions Tower started to shoot each other. However all this was transmitted live by Harangue which caused all of Bellwood to know the truth about the Vengers. When the police arrived the whole group escaped.